Billings Ice
1023 N. Main St., Roxboro, NC 27573

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Jon Billings

20+ years in the ice business

Ice delivery, mobile refrigeration or freezers, and ice vending locations for your personal or commercial needs.

Construction Sites

Bagged ice available when needed for the duration of your construction project. Or ice for cooling concrete on mass pour, big construction projects.

Weddings & Events

Cold storage trailer and ice for catering, wine festivals, reunions and other events.


Mobile refrigerator or freezer to save the day, providing ice or cold storage for when your ice machine or walk-in cooler may fail.

With or Without Ice

Lease our refrigerated trailer

Temperature control (to 10 degrees F)

Just plug in to 110v outlet, no fuel needed

No metered time limits or hidden fees

Worry free on-site delivery, setup, pickup

Always cool, always sanitary


We are ready to provide the space you need to keep your items at the proper temperature during equipment failure. We can alternatively provide ice should your ice machine need replaced or repaired.

Ice Vending Near You

We have eight locations across Virginia and North Carolina offering 24/7 self serve ice that can be dispensed into your cooler or provided in a bag.

South Boston

1041 Bill Tuck Highway


1028 N. Madison Blvd.


2744 Durham Road


24 Gateway Lane


1049 Piney Forest Road


Hillcrest Shopping Center

South Hill

1281 E. Atlantic St.


1000 W. Third St.

Need a Commercial Ice Machine?

We have served the North Central North Carolina and South Central Virginia for over 25 years with a reputation of quality, integrity, and reliability.

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